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Weekly Event Golf Series

What is the TotalGolf18 Weekly Series? We have designed a program for every level and age of golfer to enjoy a round of golf with friends while making new friends on the golf course.

We will be scheduling 30 weekly events this season that will count towards the Championship Standings. You will earn points based on participation in our weekly events and bonus points for special affiliated events which count towards your standing in the overall season series. Along with some of the best golf courses in the Charlotte area, we will be returning some new courses and new playing formats to the schedule of events. We will count all Point Totals towards your overall standing which gives everyone a chance to do well for the championship event.

You can participate in the point standings for a chance to earn an invitation to the CHAMPIONSHIP CUP, or just have fun playing golf with new friends. Contact the Event Coordinator and bring your foursome to play. We will make sure to put you playing together. If you need a playing partner, you will find a great bunch of players and always find a game.



What is the TotalGolf18 Championship Cup? The Championship Cup is a 54 hole point style event created for the top point earners of the Weekly Series. Eligibility for this event is determined by the Weekly  Series overall point standings and played at the end of the season in late October. Each Pay4Golf18 participant must play in a minimum of 10 events to be eligible for the official overall standings. The top 10 golfers in the weekly series overall points standings will earn a spot to play in the CHAMPIONSHIP CUP. If a player has earned a spot, but cannot attend, that spot will be offered to the next person in the standings until 10 players have committed.

How do I register for an event? You may click on the Register button listed next to the event on the schedule or from the event description page. You will be required to provide contact phone number at registration in case last minute updates need to be communicated. Entry fee includes golf and cart. We provide separate rates for regular players and senior players. In some instances, the entry fee may be the same. We strive to provide a quality experience by providing the best rate to all our players to give you more opportunities to play more golf.

If you are a Senior Player, the first time you register, you will be prompted to pay the regular rate for that event. Once the event coordinator has confirmed your senior status at that event, Senior Players will only be presented with the entry fee for Senior Players. In most instances, the entry fee may be the same as regular players.

What are the event day rules of play? You may view or print a copy of the RULES OF PLAY. By registering for an event, you acknowledge having read these rules of play. Event Coordinator can provide explanation of rules of play upon request. From time to time, Event Coordinator will update local course rules as needed.

What tee box do I play for a TotalGolf18 event? Location of tee markers and course layout are at the discretion of the golf course operator. We do not request any changes to the regular course set-up. Typically, Regular men's tee for our events will be one tee box up from back tees at the golf course (6,100 to 6,500 yards). Senior men's tee for participants age 60+ will be two tee boxes up from back tees at the golf course (5,700 to 6,200). Super Senior men's tee for participants age 70+ will be three tee boxes up from back tees at the golf course (5,200 to 5,700). Once a tee box desgination has been played by a participant in any one event that tee box must be played for the remainder of the season by the participant.

See exception to tee box rule for participants in the optional Skins Game. Event coordinator reserves the right to adjust tee box depending on local golf course yardages and tee box placements. Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust tee box depending on local golf course conditions and tee box placements, change of age, or any related health conditions that affect tee box played by a participant. Participants may contact the Event Coordinator regarding tee boxes played during the season.

What is the maximum score allowed per hole?  In order to have fun and keep pace of play steady, we have a maximum allowable score of triple bogey per hole. If you have reached maximum allowable score, do not finish a hole for any reason or fail to write correct amount of strokes on the scorecard when completing a hole, you will automatically be given a triple bogey for the hole. No exceptions.

What is a Net Score? Your net score is your gross score the day of the event minus the course adjustment given to you based on your Score Index from previous Total Golf 18 rounds played. We do not use other rounds played. All scores and course adjustments will be rounded to the nearest whole number.

How do you determine Course Adjustment?  If you have played in previous TotalGolf18 events, you already have a TotalGolf18 Score Index. If you do not have a Score Index, your first score posted in a TotalGolf18 event will be used to start your Score Index number. After playing in a TotalGolf18 event, your score will be entered into our Score Tracker, and all subsequent TotalGolf18 scores will be automatically entered into the Score Tracker for calculating your Score Index. We do not use other rounds played. Your Score Index is NOT an official handicap. Total Golf 18 Score Index will update each week of the Season Series depending on your participation in an event.

Pay4Golf Fantasy Challenge presented by
Weekly Event Winners
Cash Payout TBD
$20 Cash Payout
Overall Winners
1st $100 Gift Certificate
2nd $75 Gift Certificate
3rd $50 Gift Certificate

How does point standings work? TotalGolf18 has designed a system for every golfer to have the opportunity to win prizes. We award points to every player that plays in a TotalGolf18 event sponsored by Total Golf 18 events begin with our Weekly Series (Charlotte, NC only) March through September. At the end of the season, prizes are awarded based on your point standings.

How do I earn points? You earn points by playing in TotalGolf18 events. Points are awarded based on standings with other players in the TotalGolf18 event through your net score. The number of events you play will affect the total amount of points you earn. Depending on the number of events you play, All Point Totals from current year series events will be used to calculate your overall standing.

All current players with an established Score Index from previous events (minimum 3 events) will compete for points and cash payouts including optional games.

All new players in TotalGolf18 events will earn (# of field) points ONLY for the first 3 events played after which an official Score Index will be calculated. New players are not eligible for weekly event winner cash payouts, but are eligible for all optional games. After 3 played events, all new players will compete for points (based on the table listed below) and cash payouts including optional games.

Bonus Points can be earned by playing in special designated TotalGolf18 events. Special Events will be listed on the season schedule with number of Bonus Points that can be earned. When you register and play for a special event, you will be awarded Bonus Points for your participation in the special event. All bonus points will be used to calculate your overall standing. Certain restrictions may apply.

Season Prize Breakdown. For the Weekly Series overall event prizes (Charlotte, NC only), each participant must play in a minimum of 10 events to be eligible for the official overall standings. All prizes are provided by for the Season Series overall standings.

How many points are awarded in each TotalGolf18 event?  The scale is based on the number of participants. The number will decrease to the last player in the field who will always receive 11 points. Bonus points can be earned for finishing in the top 10 in the TotalGolf18 event.

1st Place
75 pts + (# of field)

11th Place
(# of field)

21st Place
(# of field) - 10

31st Place
(# of field) - 20

2nd Place
60 pts + (# of field)

12th Place
(# of field) - 1

22nd Place
(# of field) - 11

32nd Place
(# of field) - 21

3rd Place
50 pts + (# of field)

13th Place
(# of field) - 2

23rd Place
(# of field) - 12

33rd Place
(# of field) - 22

4th Place
40 pts + (# of field)

14th Place
(# of field) - 3

24th Place
(# of field) - 13

34th Place
(# of field) - 23

5th Place
30 pts + (# of field)

15th Place
(# of field) - 4

25th Place
(# of field) - 14

35th Place
(# of field) - 24

6th Place
25 pts + (# of field)

16th Place
(# of field) - 5

26th Place
(# of field) - 15

36th Place
(# of field) - 25

7th Place
20 pts + (# of field)

17th Place
(# of field) - 6

27th Place
(# of field) - 16

37th Place
(# of field) - 26

8th Place
15 pts + (# of field)

18th Place
(# of field) - 7

28th Place
(# of field) - 17

38th Place
(# of field) - 27

9th Place
10 pts + (# of field)

19th Place
(# of field) - 8

29th Place
(# of field) - 18

39th Place
(# of field) - 28

10th Place
5 pts + (# of field)

20th Place
(# of field) - 9

30th Place
(# of field) - 19

40th Place
(# of field) - 29


LIABILITY RELEASE. provides its members access to TotalGolf18 events. By registering for any TotalGolf18 event, you agree to hold harmless, and any of its sponsors or affiliates from any claims or damages in connection with the TotalGolf18 event. There are certain dangers involved in participating in any event. Those dangers are, including but not limited to, getting hit by a golf club or ball, being struck by lightning, falling on a hill or slope, suffering from heat exhaustion or any other type of medical emergency. is not responsible for any items lost or damaged during an event. Total Golf 18 participants are responsible for any damage caused to the golf course and/or property of the golf course by their actions or participation in a TotalGolf18 event.

CANCELLATION POLICY. TotalGolf18 events will be played, regardless of weather, unless the golf course is closed. If an event is canceled, TotalGolf18 will make an attempt to re-schedule the event, or if the event cannot be re-scheduled, the entry fee will be applied towards another TotalGolf18 event on the schedule. If you register for an event and cannot participate, a 48 hour notice is required, and your entry fee will be applied towards another TotalGolf18 event on the schedule. NO REFUNDS or RAINCHECKS.

DISCLAIMER. and TotalGolf18 reserves the right to refuse entry to any player for any reason. and TotalGolf18 reserves the right to cancel any event or series for any reason. and TotalGolf18 reserves the right to alter, amend or update any part, portion or rule of a TotalGolf18 event or Championship Cup event for any reason. By registering, you agree to abide and be bound by this disclaimer and conditions of use and privacy policy.